Point of sales System


The idea of Point of sale (POS) or Point of purchase (POP) is the time and place where a retail transaction is done.  We have developed a web and mobile app that allows department stores to manage their accouting on the go!

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Desk Booking System


The Desk Booking System is for the co-working industry. It's include all the feature for booking a desk which are necessary in the real life.

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TodToTeens App


This is a smart digital platform for the concerned parents to monitor their child’s performance at their respective schools and the app provides real-time details and info from their schools. 

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Krishi Jaldoot


This app is our creation to support the water campaign of NABARD. They have taken the initiatives to make water awareness through their campaign but when they thought to make it in a smart way, we helped them by making the finest app.

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Gyan Setu


Gyan means Knowledge and Setu means Bridge. This is not just an app but a perfectly designed bridge of knowledge.

This is a smart tool to achieve the best quality education.

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Gita App


It is one type of online schooling app. This is one of the best services from us that is available in an excellent form.

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