Krishi Jaldoot



This is another creation of us to support the water campaign of NABARD. They have taken the initiatives to make the water awareness through their campaign but when they thought to make it in a smart way; we helped them by making the finest app. 

NABARD and Centre For Environment Education, Ahmedabad together developed a unique tool to capture details of water resources available at villages of India. Information including check dams, ponds etc., are collected which can be used to improve water facilities at villages. This application is occasionally connected application and most of the feature available in the app can be used in Online as well as Offline mode. It is our venture with NABARD to survey that how much water resources are available in India and where. These apps can give you the info about every small village of India too. This is a move to help our society and solve the serious water issue of the society and used upright to improve the water amenities in the villages of India. This app is not for regular use actually, this is necessity based app. One can connect the app occasionally to know the water status. Like our other apps, we have created the app with so many features and this can be used in offline or online mode both conveniently. Our users have overwhelmed us by giving a huge response for the app and with 4.2 ratings on Google.