Gyan Setu



Gyan means Knowledge and Setu are means Bridge. So you can say this is not just an app but a perfectly designed bridge of knowledge. This is a smart tool to achieve the best quality education. You can use the app with the offline, online or automatically connected mode. Not only for the achieving students but the app is equally essential for the teachers. If the teachers having credential they can easily log into the app after downloading from the play store of their Android or tablets. More convenient fact is, they can connect it to a big screen by using the HDMI cable and easily can accommodate the entire classroom. Another amazing fact is a teacher access the relevant audiovisual material and textbooks that uploaded by the portals. They can also generate any type of technical, content-based or programmatic queries and can receive the convenient answer through the app. The app will update the teachers with every new notification more like the knowledge centers on regular basis with the advanced attachment facilities. 

We have designed them in a user-friendly manner and the teachers can easily share their inputs like the details of events or activities to the other schools and can generate the question papers for semesters too. Entire activities of the app evaluate and monitor by government authorities always.